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Wholesale Auto Dealers | Used & New Car Dealers NJ, Florida and More

NoAuctionFee.com is changing the way that dealers like you, buy sell and trade.


How does NoAuctionFee save me time?

NoAuctionFee allows you to quickly find the inventory your dealership and its customers need. With simple search features and easy navigation, plus step by step videos and available Dealer Support, you’ll never get lost. NoAuctionFee provides more visibility for your wholesale vehicles, so you’ll spend a lot less time away from your dealership, and more time selling cars and making money. You’ll spend far less time using NoAuctionFee; inventory can make it from another dealer to your frontline in as little as 36 hours. Set custom notifications for new connections with dealers like you, and inventory that you need. Get instant alerts on offers, sales and connections from dealers you know, and new vehicle listings matching your criteria. Our Dealer Support can save you time and money on finding new wholesale inventory - just tell them what cars you’re looking to buy, sell or trade, and your Dealer Support expert will help facilitate it all for you.

I already trade wholesale in person with people I trust. I can buy and sell cars at auction or call the dealers down the street. How will NoAuctionFee help me?

Time is money. When you buy and sell at traditional auctions, you spend valuable time away from your business, costing you money. You also pay a premium to buy and sell at those auctions - every time. And when you deal directly with other dealers in real life, you spend precious time perusing their retail inventory, and even more time discovering which units another dealer will wholesale and at what price. With NoAuctionFee, discovering local inventory available for wholesale is as easy as opening your browser. View the wholesale asking prices without playing 20 questions. Make offers based on your budget, place bids to win the best deals in an auction format, or contact the selling dealer directly, all from one place.

As a NoAuctionFee member, you can also find great deals on inventory by connecting with dealers across the nation, who may be offering the same units at lower prices. Expand your personal network beyond your hometown, view contact info for every dealer in our network - nationwide. Meet more dealers you can trust, that you may never meet in real life. Send offline messages, or chat live with dealers across the street or across the nation. Use our Video Chat to deal face to face, and make “handshake” deals with colleagues on the opposite coast.

With NoAuctionFee, you can: quickly find the quality vehicles your customers want, creating loyalty and referrals; buy unlimited vehicles without the buyer’s fees; and access a huge inventory 24/7 without paying for cars to sit on your lot. Plus, place unlimited want ads - tell other dealers what cars you’re looking to buy, sell or trade. Your Dealer Support expert can even help facilitate it all for you.

With NoAuctionFee, there is no commitment or annual contract - just one low monthly fee to buy, sell and trade all the wholesale vehicles you want 24/7.

How does NoAuctionFee increase my profits?

There are no fees to list, buy, or sell — just one low monthly fee to cover unlimited deals, without the middleman. You’ll increase profits, buying, selling, and connecting with dealers you already know, as well as dealers nationwide. We are the fastest growing dealer network online, with new dealers joining daily. The majority of the ever expanding inventory on NoAuctionFee is retail ready, meaning you’ll spend less prepping them for your customer. Spend far less on recon using NoAuctionFee - inventory can be purchased directly from another dealer’s showroom or frontline, allowing rapid turnover after the sale. Floorplan at 100% of the purchase price! In addition, our Dealer Support can assist with sales, Live Listing or Want Ad placement, and even dealer connection and inventory matching based on your needs. It’s like having a retail internet department for your wholesale, without the cost of adding staff members.

What if I don’t like this, am I going to be stuck in some sort of contract?

There is no obligation or contract, and no setup fees. You’re free to cancel at any time, with no cancellation fees. You pay one low monthly fee to buy, sell and trade all the wholesale vehicles you want around the clock. Plus you receive free expert support from NoAuctionFee’s industry trained Dealer Support staff, on all transactions. One month of service with NoAuctionFee costs less than the buyers’ fee for one unit at the old auctions.

Are there any extra or hidden fees?

No. When you try NoAuctionFee, there are no fees to list, and no outrageous fees after the sale. Auto dealers have suffered for decades the ever rising costs of buyer’s AND seller’s fees at traditional auctions. The old auctions collect fees from both parties in every transaction, inflating wholesale prices, and costing both the dealers and their customers money. NoAuctionFee is revolutionizing the wholesale market by offering unlimited transactions for one flat rate. This method of inventory trading is lowering prices, saving you and your customers money. Buy and sell without the bloat - there’s no need to recover those fees!

NoAuctionFee also puts dealers in direct contact to buy, sell and trade wholesale inventory - allowing both parties to agree on condition reporting methods, pre and post sale inspections, and transportation methods, saving both parties even more! Stop paying huge overheads to old auction partners. Deal with dealers you can trust, and save recon fees with the independent services of YOUR choice.

How do I find the vehicles my customers need?

We were born online, and built mobile friendly for easy access, no matter where you are. This allows you to quickly find the cars you need, so you can trade smart and save, from anywhere. Quickly search inventory from dealers nationwide, whether it’s on their lot, in transport, or at auction. Make offers or deal directly with the seller, or bid against other buyers to find the best deals. You can also place want ads or contact other dealers to find specific vehicles, and our Dealer Support team can assist you as well, to find the inventory your customers demand.

How do I sell my inventory on NoAuctionFee?

By exposing your inventory at no extra cost with Live Listings on NoAuctionFee, you can wholesale directly from your lot, without losing retail opportunities before the sale, and without the added expense of shipping cars to the auction. Our Live Listings offer an auction format, buy now format, sealed offers, and direct contact options on every listing. One low monthly fee covers unlimited listings - upload unlimited photos, list detailed comments, and link to your own AutoCheck, CarFax or independent condition reports. Plus we show you current activity across our dealer network, including offers from other dealers looking to buy vehicles like yours, popular inventory views, new listing placement, and new dealers joining the network. You also receive offline updates for what matters, such as new bids or offers on inventory, connection requests from dealers wanting to trade directly, and offline messages for private offers and sealed bids - so you never miss a chance to sell.

How do I post inventory on NoAuctionFee?

We utilize automatic inventory feeds from several data providers, and most likely have a working relationship with your DMS or website provider. If you use software that is new to us, our Dealer Support team will work with your provider to get your inventory loaded quickly, or provide alternatives for bulk uploads. We’ve been there, done that, and understand how busy automotive dealers can be, as well as their management team or internet staff. Of course, you can still load your inventory manually with a standard VIN decoder, for those fresh trade you’d like to move fast.

How does NoAuctionFee differ from old auctions or online services like OVE, SmartAuction, or Openlane?

  • NoAuctionFee is a meeting place, not a sales platform -we offer a sales platform, however. We have been compared to a dealer-only cross between Craigslist, Facebook, and eBay, a place to meet people to sell your wares.
  • Our network was built with profits in mind - there are no per-sale fees, saving you money on purchases, and increasing profit on sales. /li>
  • Our network was built for dealers - our focus is dealer networking, not the sale itself. We give you the tools to meet other dealers like you. Everyone who has ever sold cars knows that we don’t sell cars - we sell ourselves.

How much does it cost to join NoAuctionFee?

For a limited time, you can join NoAuctionFee for a low monthly fee of $249 and buy, sell and trade as many vehicles as you like 24/7. Call 1.417.616.3337 now, or sign up on our home page: NoAuctionFee.com

Can I try NoAuctionFee for free?

Yes. Dealer Support can offer a full demo of the site, so you can see the tools available on NoAuctionFee. Contact our Dealer Support team at 1.417.616.3337 to arrange a free demo today.

Does NoAuctionFee offer condition reports?

NoAuctionFee does not offer condition reports: we are the meeting place, and not the middleman. We do allow dealers in our network to offer them, or to offer links to walkaround videos. We also give you full contact info for every dealer in the network, so feel free to contact a buyer or seller to arrange the reporting or inspection method you prefer.

How do I know what I’m buying?

We allow all sellers to post unlimited photos and comments on every vehicle listing, as well as links to videos and their choice of condition report in their descriptions. We also allow all buyers to view full contact information for the seller, including an offline messaging system, online chat, and video chat. Dealers in the network may also rate each other after every transaction, providing a full buyer and seller rating. NoAuctionFee is essentially the online meeting place for auto dealers, and the dealers in our network create an honor system, just as dealers have done outside the auction lanes and with neighboring dealerships over the last century.

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